Do you find that you’re always burnt out or tired?

Do you always find yourself in situations or doing things that God never told you to do?

Do you struggle with spreading yourself super thin?

Are you always saying yes to things when you should be saying no?

Are you measuring your YES?

Get excited to join us for Measuring Your " Yes" - Saying "Yes" to More Opportunities and Dropping the Ball Less in Life With Zaneeka Hill on August 17th AT 7 PM CST.


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Entrepreneur and Coach

Zaneeka Hill

Zaneeka is a proud mother, entrepreneur, speaker, minister, coach, and friend. She is known for her love for people, encouragement, and desire to see the lives of others transformed from the inside out. In 2018 Zaneeka founded iEdify Women events, to provide women a safe space and community to help transform their lives from the inside out in order to thrive in their God given purpose. Zaneeka is passionate and purposed to help others live a life of holistic freedom through Jesus Christ. She endeavors to touch the lives of many with the message of Gods’ immense love, the truth of their existence, and the endless possibilities of an abundant future.


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