What is pain? Is it only a physical reaction to discomfort and injury? Is pain merely our body’s natural response to negative stimuli? Pain can go so much deeper and travel to places in our psyches and emotions, even the deepest parts of our soul. And when that pain and trauma is left unmended, our lifestyles reflect the residue. But when we give pain permission to be revealed and healed, we walk into victorious places with due promise, potential, and purpose. 

ConnetHer Collective invites you to join us as Culinary Architect, Janel Fields leads us into a training session on Turning Your Pain to Purpose. As a traveling chef, Janel uses her multicultural background, along with her extended knowledge in biochemistry, long-cherished family recipes, and her love for cohesive flavors to serve the Dallas community beyond the kitchen. Her cuisines are not only diverse and nutritional, but through her love for healing with cooking, she provides others with meals that cater to diverse palettes, allergies, and a variety of health concerns. Not to mention, the taste is nothing short of phenomenal!

Janel is an active volunteer in the DFW community and contributes to many noble foundations such as Girls Inc of Tarrent Co., and the Barack Obama Male leadership academy, and beyond. Her service to the community extends from back-to-school projects partnered with Fortune 500 companies, to aiding in the diversity and inclusion programs these companies offer. She is also the recent recipient of a Women’s Entrepreneurship certification from eCornell. 

Janel seeks to provide new food experiences for anyone who is ready to embark on a healthier lifestyle. Knowing that people’s lives are truly being transformed from the way they eat to the way they perceive and live their lives is what gives Janel the drive to continue the beautiful work she does. It drives her purpose and satisfies her heart to know that her work is assisting others in their journeys and her services are helping people heal through the gift of an intentional, balanced meal. 

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New York Native Private Chef and Influencer

Janel Fields

I'm Janel Fields - a New York native private chef and influencer bringing my fresh and healthy cuisine with a West Indies and Caribbean nuance to the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. What sets me apart from other chefs is that I am constantly improving my services and diversifying pallets, allergies, and health concerns. It brings me joy to be able to present new food experiences for anyone open to healthier changes in their lifestyle. The satisfaction in knowing my services are producing results give me happiness. My purpose is fulfilled!


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