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Building your Confidence and Winning in Business as a Service Provider with Iesha White

In our economy, service-based businesses are an absolutely essential portion of entrepreneurship. They also help to boost the economy in various ways. But when starting a service-based business, like with anything else, it can sometimes feel intimidating to put yourself out there. You might deal with doubts about whether or not the market needs someone like you or what you offer. You might question if you have what it takes to operate at the level you see your competitors operating. You simply may not believe you can succeed if you take that leap of faith. 

While those fears might be staring back at you when you look into the mirror, you have to have enough determination in you to stand up to those fears and walk into the confidence that you have what it takes! Iesha will take us step by step into how she built the confidence to step out on her own and build one of the fastest growing spas in Northwest Louisiana
. Her small business plan is now becoming a big deal in her hometown and she can teach you how to overcome your own doubts to provide bomb service, quality pricing, and efficient results.

Are you ready to grow your service-based business?

Do you struggle with being confident when it comes to your business?

Are you ready to thrive in your area of expertise?

Are you ready to stop playing small and learn to take risks in your business?

This replay is for you!


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Licensed Esthetician and Spa Owner

Iesha White

Iesha G. White, licensed Esthetician and Spa owner has always enveloped a passion for helping women with major skin issues find solutions and products to improve their skin and their confidence about their appearance. Iesha is determined to raise awareness and knowledge of the skin needs of multicultural women and women of color. Overall, her love for beauty, business, health and wealth combined with her desire for ALL women to know they are beautiful and uniquely perfect has given her the confidence to share her expertise and knowledge with the rest of the beauty industry.  


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