Do you feel stuck?

Feeling uninspired?

Feeling like the work you’re doing isn’t making a difference in the world around you?

Or just like you can't make it out of the place you currently are? 

Join us on June 22nd, at 6 PM CST as we dive deeper into how we can elevate and grow out of our current circumstances. 

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15X Best-Selling Author and Serial Entrepreneur

Alandria Lloyd

Alandria Lloyd is an award-winning, 15X best-selling author and serial entrepreneur. She is the founder and creator of The Writer’s Block LLC, which is a consulting company that helps aspiring authors gain the resources they need to complete their non-fiction books within 24-hours and become best-selling authors within 30 days. Published authors also come to her when they want to learn how to use their books to build lucrative brands and create multiple income streams. Alandria is also an award-winning philanthropist who is passionate about giving back and serving her community. She founded “Change Agent Outreach Ministries” to help and provide financial support for single mothers. Most recently, Alandria created a scholarship for teenage single mothers to assist them with college tuition and entrepreneur mentorship. Alandria recently launched a digital magazine (Boss Mom Magazine) to highlight and spotlight money-making mommies who are killing it in the marketplace. She wears many hats and titles, but her favorite title is “mom.” To connect with Alandria, please send an email to

Mindset Branding and Business Coach

Kheiston Boone

I'm a Mindset and Business Coach. I help women push past their limitations, reach their business goals and clarify their purpose in the marketplace. I transform lives through my innovative strategies, knowledge, and my unique experiences. Human behavior and mindset have always been of interest to me. I have a degree in social work with a concentration on counseling & human services, a master's in teaching, and additional certifications centered around human behavior, mindset, and psychological patterns. The mind is our most powerful muscle and digging deeper with others to figure out what's within them that's holding them back or in a state of stagnation has always been a passion of mine. I've always been passionate about seeing women grow, develop, and living their authentic and best lives. After failed relationships, growing up in an abusive household, having a dysfunctional family, dealing with rejection and so many other things I knew it was my life's purpose after getting healed to help others on their journeys to wholeness and walking into the lives God has for them. I create spaces, opportunities and coach female entrepreneurs to walk into their wealth and create profitable businesses. My methodologies, trainings, coaching, and classes have helped over 3,000 business owners since 2017. I thoroughly enjoy the work that I do and how I'm able to be a vessel to impact the lives of others.


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